Sundays | 9:30am | 503.774.6781 | Woodstock 

7220 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd Portland, OR 97202


  Learning to look at the World in the light of God.


I was glad when they said unto me “Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

At the center of Christian life is worship…

…the gathering of God’s people to pray and sing together, hear God’s Word, be washed in the water of baptism, and be fed at God’s table.

We practice open communion where all are welcome to receive God’s grace in bread and wine.
The message is grounded in God’s love for all in the context of life in our world today.
After worship we invite you to gather with us in the Activities Room for Coffee Hour with finger foods and fellowship.
No matter where you are on your faith walk, you are welcome to worship with us! We welcome saints and sinners alike, as most of us are both wrapped up in one, seeking God’s unconditional love and forgiveness.

Children aren't just welcome, they are embraced!  We know kids are in worship and make noise. That's great! It is the kind of noise we like to hear.

Come as you are. You will find most of us in casual wear. Some dressier and others in tee shirts and jeans.
Just come. We don’t care what you’re wearing.

People make an offering. A part of our service includes people who are supporting the mission of our church.
As a new friend, we don’t expect you to give so don’t feel any expectations or pressure to do so.

People will probably say “Hi.” We love to make new friends, but also know how to respect your privacy and your space.

Communion. We celebrate Communion every Sunday.  We celebrate an open table which means that anyone and everyone is welcome. If you don’t feel ready to commune, don’t sweat it. Just know you are invited!

There are a variety of ways to worship God and all of them are amazing. Take your time and find the way that connects you with your need for God in worship. And feel free to ask pastor your questions, she’ll listen and won’t judge.