Holy Trinity E-Newsletter 4/8 V13

Holy Trinity E-Newsletter 4/8 V13 

Grace, Mercy and Peace to you,

Welcome to Volume 13 of this E-Newsletter.

O Lord, what a morning. Easter Sunday was nothing short of amazing and beautiful. Thank you to everyone for being a part of the celebration of our Risen Lord. It was a blessing to have everyone in worship, some even with family and friends in tow. It was a beautiful service that was filled with the Holy Spirit and left us singing of the resurrection glory!

This Sunday is so very exciting! We have a baptism! This Sunday at 9:30am Danielle and Grayson will be entering into the Body of Christ and we get to be a part of that incredible moment. This will be a service like no other and one of the truly amazing moments in a life of faith.

There are so many things that are happening and going on in baptism. I could spend days writing about it and may Theologians have spent their entire lives trying to understand and relate what is going on in baptism. So for now I will say just a few things that we believe as Lutherans about baptism. These are borrowed from a book by Daniel Erlander "Let the Children Come" which will be given to our families in preparation for baptism.

Baptism is a gift that keep on giving in new and different ways everyday. In baptism God showers on us a friendship and deep relationship with God, the presence of Christ in our lives, gives us the Holy Spirit and empowers us for service. It does not end there but gives us forgiveness, a home or family in this new Body of Christ, an identity as a Child of God, resurrection in that life eternal and new birth in the world. It is an amazing gift.

There are some amazing things at work in baptism. We baptize using water, normal ordinary water, but mixed with the word of God is transformed to life giving water. It is a way in which God is using things of the world to display God's presence, love and forgiveness in the world. In baptism we are delivered from sin, death and the devil and gives us all the benefits of the Kingdom of God.

Finally why is it important for us to baptize, especially baptize children? We need to surround a child with love and the promises of God, the community and the parents. A child is not just located in one family but is a part of a bigger community, a bigger world and above all is God's child and God's creation. Finally, we are called to raise a child in the promises of God's love and forgiveness to follow Christ and to discern the call of the Holy Spirit.

Baptism is truly an amazing thing!


Prayer Requests: Barbara R, Betty J, Dorothy F, Pastor Janell, Leah M, Jane (Family member of the Nelson's who was in a car accident), Rich (submitted on Facebook), Cynthia and daughter, that we should remain troubled by everything that is troubling, the church, the world, and all those in need.


-Oregon Synod Lay School of Ministry will be meeting in April and May and we are invited to attend. This is an educational opportunity to learn alongside other congregations about communication and organizing. Contact Pastor Andrew for more info.

-5th Sunday ingathering of canned goods was this past Sunday and we had a great haul. However it is not too late to still get your canned good in, Pastor Andrew will be taking them to the food pantry next week so if you forgot it is not too late.

-If anyone is interested in checking out what Puddletown is all about we have been invited to observe one of their classrooms. This is an open invitation to the congregation to come and spend some time experiencing their program. This has to be scheduled in advance, so please do not show up. This is by appointment only! Contact their office at

-We are having a baptism! Be sure to join us for worship on April 12th for the Baptism of Grayson D. and Danielle O. It is going to be a very special day as we welcome these new Children of God into the Body of Christ. So be sure to be at worship!

-Thank you to everyone who came out for our Into the Wild Bible Study during Lent. It was a great turn out and was wonderful to sit and engage in conversation with everyone during the season of Lent.

-There is a new poll up on the chalkboards in the fellowship room to determine our next Bible Study and Service Project. So stop by and vote for whatever options sound interesting to you. You can vote for as many options as you like.

-Check out out new calendar on our website for the most updated events around the church and community.

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Pastor Andrew's Schedule April 13-17

Monday- On-call if needed

Tuesday- Pastor Pericope Group in the Morning and Afternoon around the Office.

Wednesday- Morning and Afternoon around the Office.

Thursday- Morning on-call and Afternoon around Church

Friday- Catch up sermon work

Blessings Pastor Andrew