Holy Trinity E-Newsletter V2 #7 2/7/16

Grace, Mercy and Peace to you, Welcome to Volume 2 Number 7 of this E-Newsletter.

Tonight is the kick off of our Burger Theology gathering, the name might be a little misleading, but it made you stop and think I bet. We will not be diving into the Theological implications of the hamburger but we will be gathering over dinner at Dick's Primal Burger here in Woodstock.

We are going to begin our conversation concerning relationship most importantly our relationship with Jesus. Throughout this Lenten season we are looking into relationships, how we encounter one another, the world and God. As the church we are first called to make disciples of Jesus, but how do we do that? Our first calling is not to make Lutherans or Methodist or Non-Demoniationals but rather we are called to make Disciples.

We first are going to be looking first at our relationship with God, and how we have been called, forgiven and in relationship with Christ. From that starting point we can gain a better understanding of how then we are called to act and serve in the world. So join us tonight at 6pm at Dick's Primal Burger on Woodstock.


Prayer Requests: Betty J, Shirley P., Andrea, Don T., Leah, Steven, Glen and Jill, Karen, Dorothy F, Pastor Janell, Rev. Maggie, Pastor Fred, Sherry S., Marlyn K., Clark, Jade, Theresa, Jane, Don, St. Mark's Lutheran,St. Paul Lutheran, Danielle, Grayson, Elijah we pray for students and teachers everywhere, help us to remain troubled by everything that is troubling in the world, we pray for the church, the world, and all those in need.



- There will be 2 new educational opportunities during Lent at Holy Trinity. First of all we will be having a Sunday Morning Bible Study beginning our look at Lutheran Sacraments starting around 845ish. Secondly, we will be have a Wednesday night gathering at Dick's Primal Burger on Woodstock, where we will share a bite to eat, conversation and prayer. We will be starting around 6pm, mark those calendars.

- Ordination Update- We are a go for Ordination on February 28th, we will be gathering at 4 pm at Central Lutheran here in Portland, which a reception following. Be sure to join us if you can.

- *This Sunday *Discipleship 2016! Each month during 2016 we will be encountering new ways to engage our discipleship. Every month we will have a different focus as a congregation, and learn new ways to engage our faith. February will be a month to engage with a new type of service. On February 21st we will be taking part again with Potluck in the Park. Potluck in the Park in an organization that serves free meals in downtown Portland every Sunday, and they have been doing it since 1991. It is a great opportunity to get out in our city and help those that are in need to get a warm meal. There is a sign up sheet in the fellowship room if you can join us!

- Our Sunday School is officially back and off to a great start! One Sunday a month we will have an extra focus on Christian Education. Our Church in Action Children's Program will be integrated with our Sunday Worship. So plan on joining us March 20th for our third session!

- If you are like me and do searching for things on the internet do I have a thing for you. I have gotten Holy Trinity set up with Goodsearch.com. It is an online search engine that is powered by yahoo and every time you use it search engine it donates to a charity of your choice, in our situation that is Holy Trinity. So set that browser to good search and select Holy Trinity and get searching.

- We have been invited on the second Friday of every month to join for worship with the saints at Our Lady of Sorrows Church here in Woodstock. At 7pm on those Fridays they gather for a Taize Service. Taize is an ecumenical community in France that has developed a method of prayer that combines music, prayer and silence. It is a beautiful service and something that cannot be related in words but needs to be experienced. If you are looking for a new worship opportunity you should check it out.

- If you are feeling the need to travel in 2016 the Oregon Synod of the ELCA is sponsoring a trip to the Holy Land. The trip will be in May and all are welcome to go on the trip. If you are interested contact Pastor Andrew for more details.

- If you are feeling the itch to travel but the Holy Lands is not your cup of tea, maybe you are interested in cruising with other Lutherans to Alaska. My dear friend Ben Fredericks (member of my internship congregation Resurrection Lutheran) is organizing a cruise for Lutheran Congregations in May of 2016. The trip will be from May 14th to the 21st and will be a wonderful opportunity to see the sights and sounds of the Pacific NW and enjoy great fellowship with other Lutherans. Contact the church office for more info.

- Winter is here, but when did some bad/cold weather slow us down. So join Pastor Andrew on Wednesday to walk around the neighborhood. We will be meeting at 2:30 at the church and set off for a stroll around the neighborhood.

- Holy Trinity's Little Library- Thanks to Keith our Little Library is now complete. In the coming weeks we will be preparing it to be hung on the fence outside for the community. However, it is currently empty, so help us fill it but leaving a recommendation of books to fill it with. We are looking for books that have had an impact on your faith life. So what book(s) have impacted your faith?


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Pastor Andrew's schedule for 2/22-26

Monday- on call if needed, luncheon with Jim Wallis of Sojourners.

Tuesday- at Church in the AM, Preaching group at noon.

Wednesday- I will be out of town from Wednesday to Saturday and will be available remotely if needed

Blessings Pastor Andrew