Holy Trinity E-Newsletter V2 #12 3/24/16

Welcome to Volume 2 Number 12 of this E-Newsletter.

Before we move from Palm Sunday to Good Friday our journey takes us through Maundy Thursday. We cannot fully understand the sacrifice on the cross. On that night in the upper room we get a re-framing of this Messiah that came riding into the city just a few days ago. We often forget, or still assume that Jesus came to be this conquering hero one that is going deliver us from the sin of the world with force and the sword. However, on that night in the upper room we see who this Messiah really is and the sacrificial love that is the basis for God's involvement in the world.

We see this movement in two pieces, the first being the washing of the disciples feet. Here the way things used to be gets turned on its head, no longer is the master the one requiring the service but the master is the one serving. No longer is our place and faith a position of privilege but rather our faith moves us to service and love for others.

The second is in the sharing of the meal. Here all the walls that were placed around God are totally removed. No longer is the access to God's love and grace some controlled but open and accessible to all. Here in this Holy meal we taste and experience God's goodness. Here in this meal we are brought together as God's children, loved and held in love and grace forever.

We cannot understand the Good in Good Friday until we see how God's goodness comes to us, and that is through the sacrificial service of Jesus to the world!

Join us this weekend for service on Friday at 6:30pm and Easter Sunday at 9:30am.


Prayer Requests: The friends and family of Frances Weston, Betty J, Shirley P., Andrea, Don T., Leah, Steven, Glen and Jill, Karen, Dorothy F, Pastor Janell, Rev. Maggie, Pastor Fred, Sherry S., Marlyn K., Clark, Jade, Theresa, Jane, Don, Danielle, Grayson, Elijah. The Mission of Hope, St. Mark's Lutheran, St. Paul Lutheran, we pray for students and teachers everywhere, help us to remain troubled by everything that is troubling in the world, we pray for the church, the world, and all those in need.



-*Tonight! *Join us for our Burger Theology on March 23rd at 6pm at Dick's Primal Burger. This is not a hard hitting conversation about the religious implications of eating meat but rather a time to come together to talk about faith, relationships life and the world.

-Discipleship 2016! April is a month for fellowship, so we will be organizing a fellowship event around the Installation of Andrew and the Church Council on April 10th.

*New *Did you say Installation? Yes, the Assistant to the Bishop Susan Kitner will be joining us on April 10th for the instillation of Andrew and the Church Council.

*New- *Holy Week Schedule. Wednesday- Burger Theology 6pn Dick's Primal Burger Friday- Cross Walk in Cully. Meet at noon at Luther Memorial Church Friday- Evening worship at Holy Trinity 6:30pm Sunday- Worship at 9:30 and Breakfast afterwards

-May is the next month where we will have a 5th Sunday In-gathering! We will be donating again to Camp Lutherwood as they get ready for their Summer Camp Season! There will be a donation list published shortly! July will also be a month with 5 Sundays, so we will be helping to assemble Personal Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief. They have a very specific packing lists so please bring in the items listed below. These are the items that go into each Personal Care Kit. -Light or Medium weight bath size towel (20" x 40" to 52" x 27") dark color -2 bath size bards (4 to 5 oz) of soap, any brand, in original wrapping -1 adult size toothbrush in original packaging or in sealed business size envelope (no ziplock or plackwrap) -1 *Sturdy *comb, remove packaging -1 metal nail clippers, remove packaging

-*This Sunday! *Our Sunday School is officially back and off to a great start! One Sunday a month we will have an extra focus on Christian Education. Our Church in Action Children's Program will be integrated with our Sunday Worship. Be sure to be here on Sunday for our next Sunday School!

-Let's check our calendars to get two events scheduled. The first is a spring clean up day and the second is a date over the summer to get a crew together to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity here in Portland.

-Music opportunities at Concordia University. All concerts are free! -Spring Concert- Sunday, April 24 at 3pm at St. Michael's Lutheran Church.

-If you are like me and do searching for things on the internet do I have a thing for you. I have gotten Holy Trinity set up with Goodsearch.com. It is an online search engine that is powered by yahoo and every time you use it search engine it donates to a charity of your choice, in our situation that is Holy Trinity. So set that browser to good search and select Holy Trinity and get searching.

-We have been invited on the second Friday of every month to join for worship with the saints at Our Lady of Sorrows Church here in Woodstock. At 7pm on those Fridays they gather for a Taize Service. Taize is an ecumenical community in France that has developed a method of prayer that combines music, prayer and silence. It is a beautiful service and something that cannot be related in words but needs to be experienced. If you are looking for a new worship opportunity you should check it out.

-Winter is here, but when did some bad/cold weather slow us down. So join Pastor Andrew on Wednesday to walk around the neighborhood. We will be meeting at 2:30 at the church and set off for a stroll around the neighborhood.

-Holy Trinity's Little Library- Thanks to Keith our Little Library is now complete and up on the fence! It is located on Ogden Street right off of 39th. So if you need a book or have a few to donate swing on by.


-There are many ways to connect and engage with Holy Trinity Lutheran.

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Pastor Andrew's schedule for 3/28-4/1

Monday- Around the office in the morning. On call in the afternoon

Tuesday- at Preaching group at noon.

Wednesday- Out of Town

Thursday- Out of Town

Friday- Out of Town

Blessings Pastor Andrew