Holy Trinity E-Newsletter V3 #30 8/17/17

Welcome to Volume 3 Number 30 of this E-Newsletter.

Grace, Mercy and Peace from our Risen Savior.

*Note from Andrew- This week continues our Summer series with St. Paul and St. Mark's, our writing each week are going to be from different leaders in SE.  This week the word comes from Pastor Kelle!  There is more information on the project below or you can check out the blog http://sepdxlutherans.blogspot.com

Months ago we had no idea what “society” would mean as we agreed to write this blog on the issues of salvation, scripture and society. It seemed harmless enough. I mean, we had a few other ideas but none of them were as catchy as these three words, all starting with the same letter and relevant (at least we thought) to where and who we are as a larger community in SE Portland. In retrospect, it has been a discipline of thought and conversation, and I have grown from reading the writings of my colleagues and searching my heart and soul in order to share something of equal importance to this blog.


And now here we are at week twelve. The last of our blog entries bearing these titles of salvation, scripture and society – and as the lottery of it went, I am tasked with writing a final blog on the topic of society in the wake of a week that we are still trying to understand. Yet, that task seems to be impossible for me as I don’t understand it. I don’t understand it in the least, and when I close my eyes and try to invite the Holy Spirit in to help me understand it better I see images of angry faces with tiki torches and the images of people flying through the air as a car intentionally plows through a crowd.  And nobody even tried to hide. Nobody tried to hide who they were. No hoods. No hiding. Gathering in the middle of the day. Just blatant hatred and anger.

The boldness of those who choose to hate rocks me to my core and pushes me out of the naivety I found myself comfortable in.


The word society is a noun. And by definition it means, “the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.”

Where does the tiki torches fit in to a more or less ordered community?


Where does the screaming and the anger fit into a more or less ordered community?


Where does the judging others solely by their race, culture, sexual orientation and religion … and in that judgment deciding that some are better than others, fit into a more or less ordered community?

It doesn’t.

What seemed harmless enough months ago as brainstormed ideas about what this blog should be about now seems like something much bigger and much more relevant than we could ever have imagined as we sat around that table in our local coffee shop.


I don’t have many answers but I still carry hope that good will prevail. That love will prevail. Against the hate and the anger that our society holds, I know that there are people who truly love and desire the world to be a fair, safe and an equal place for all of God’s children.

I just came back from some educational training in Atlanta where one of my colleagues, a young African American woman wisely said to our group during a challenging discussion on race and class that, “nobody shifts their cultural perspective if they remain comfortable.”

She meant that as hope. She said it as a promise. She prays that as we engage each other honestly dealing with issues that challenge us to our very core, we will find a way to reach a common ground that is based upon love for the neighbor, mutual respect, honor and dedication to a common good.

Right now, I have to believe her. Right now I realize how pushed out of my comfort zone I am and I have no choice but to trust that out of this we will find greater unity and a stronger bond amongst humanity.  I pray that we as a society will work to be an aggregate of people living together in a more ordered community, by the grace of a God who loves us all… equally.

**I am always interested in discussing issues and current events with anyone so please feel free to contact me for conversation. 


Prayer Requests: Shirley P., Andrea, David, Daniel, Dorothy F, Noel, Christopher and Jill, Tom S., Ben I., Rev. Maggie, Jane, Don, Rheasa (Re-A-Sa) and Caleb, Patty and Berry, help us to remember and keep the promises we made to Oscar, Otto, Leah, Nichole, Sophia, Danielle, Grayson, Elijah in their baptism, St. Mark's Lutheran, St. Paul Lutheran, Puddletown School, we pray for students and teachers everywhere, help us to remain troubled by everything that is troubling in the world, we pray for the church, the world, and all those in need.




What's Going On- Over the summer What's Going On is going to have a new look.  We are combining with St. Mark's and St. Paul Lutheran for monthly discussions.  After our Faith, Sexism and Justice work there was a desire to gather together to continue conversation around our shared faith.  So each month during the summer will gather to talk about different topics, June will be salvation, July will be Scripture and August will be Society.  Each week our e-newsletter will be written by a different voice here in SE Portland.  Join us at Shut Up and Eat (SE 39th and Gladstone) for our next gathering will be Aug. 23rd from 6:30-8pm. 

Summer Hymns and Preaching- Last summer we experimented with a total request hymn sing and it will be back again this summer.  We posted a sheet of paper outside of the sanctuary where people wrote down their favorite hymns and we sang them throughout the summer, so start thinking of your favorite hymns.  Also this Summer Pastor Andrew would love input on preaching topics, so there will also be a sheet where you could put down topics, pieces of scripture, or anything else you would like to have preached about this summer.  


Lutheran Community Services NW Luncheon-  Lutheran Community Services is a Lutheran service serving communities here in Portland and surround areas.  Each year they host a Luncheon to update the community on the work they are doing and to seek contributions and support for the coming year.  If you have interest in attending and did not receive an invitation please contact Pastor Andrew.  The event will be on October 15th at 12:30pm.


Church Picnic and Outdoor Worship- September 10th will be the date for our annual picnic and outdoor worship.  We have shifted the date to the fall in hopes of nicer weather.  We will be gathering for worship in the parking lot with a picnic lunch to follow.  Also that Sunday we will be commissioning our new cross on the building and decommissioning our old one.  So come and be a part of the history of Holy Trinity.


Holy Trinity Vitality Survey-  The Oregon Synod is beginning the process of planning for the future of the church and Synod.  Part of that process is a survey that congregations are being asked to participate in.  This is a tool for us as a congregation to hear about our strengths and weaknesses so that we are better able to meet the needs of our members and communities.  April is heading up the survey process so see her for a survey and for updates on the process. 


Walk with Refugees and Immigrants- Portland Parks for New Portlanders is partnering with Sunday Parkways to organize "Walk with Refugees & Immigrants" on Sunday, August 20th. The community, city and elected leaders will gather at East Portland Neighborhood Office and participate in a mile walk towards Knott Park alongside the refugee & immigrant community to show our support. In partnership with refugee and immigrant organizations, this event plans to recognize the unique experiences of new Portlanders of all ages by honoring seniors and providing school supplies for children. Come hear refugees & Immigrants share their stories, diverse music, food, and other activities to enjoy. We urge all our neighbors, local businesses, board members, neighborhood associations & non-profits to join us on this walk for a more compassionate, generous, and welcoming Portland!  11am-2pm August 20th at East Portland Neighborhood Office (1017 ne 117th Ave)


New Cross-Cultural Temple Tour- Faith communities like ours have been invited to a tour on September 16th to visit other faith communities Houses of Worship. 
This bridge-building experience has been described as a fascinating and unsettling experience.   We recommend this multicultural tour as an opportunity to get to know our neighbours in the Portland area.  The day includes a guided visit to a Muslim mosque, Sikh temple, Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple. Registration is $69 and includes a delicious ethnic lunch!  See Pastor Andrew for more details.


Holy Trinity Supper Club- Thank you to everyone who came to our supper club last Sunday.  Despite the heat it was a wonderful evening of fellowship and worship.  We will be having another Supper Club soon.

Children's Clothing Closet- The 4th Saturday of each month the Bethlehem Children's Clothing Closet is open at St. Mark's Lutheran Church from 12-2pm.  Please pass the word along, there is also always a need for donations and volunteers.  Contact Pastor Andrew if you have any questions.

New Holy Lands Trip- Pastor Curtis Zieske, currently the interim pastor at Our Savior's in Seaside, is organizing a trip to the Holy Lands this fall and is inviting members of Oregon Synod congregations to come along.  The trip is from October 31st till November 13th.  Pastor Andrew has more information if you are interested.

13th Viewing and Discussion- Thanks to everyone who came out and watched and conversed with us about the film.  We are planning on doing more of these types of events so keep an eye on your calendar.

New Vigils at Immigration and Customs Enforcement- The Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice is hosting two events monthly to stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters at the Portland Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (4310 SW Macadam Ave.).  On the 2nd Thursday of each month at 12 pm a group will gather for walking, prayer and meditation and on the last Thursday of each month at 10 am there will be a prayer vigil held.  Pastor Andrew will be attending as many as his schedule allows if you would like to come along. 


Clothes Needed- Clothes for the summer months, especially shoes are needed for people who are part of the Re-entry program at the Clark County Jail. You can help show Gods merciful love to hurting people who are being released from jail often to the streets to be homeless.  Be part of a success story.  Your donation will give a person warmth, safety, hope, and dignity as they try and rebuild their lives. Donations can be brought to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.  Let's help people start their journey with a gift from the Lord.

Bible Study on Matthew- Our Gospel readings this year comes from the Gospel of Matthew, so why not take a deeper dive into the book.  Join us Tuesday mornings at 10 here at Holy Trinity for a study on Matthews Gospel.  We will join together in prayer, conversation, scripture and fellowship during our time together.  This will be an 8 session course, which you can attend as you are able our next gathering will be on August 22nd, Sept. 5, 19, Oct. 3rd, 17, 31.

Photography Open House- Local artist Taran Nadler is going to be having his first exhibit of his photography here at Holy Trinity this August.  The artist explains the project like this "The exhibit will showcase the work that first triggered my obsession with photography: the process of slowing down and re-learning to see the basic beauty in the world around us."  Be sure to join us for the open house August. 25th from 5-8pm.

Camp Lutherwood Harvest Festival- October 1st will be Camp Lutherwoods Harvest Festival.  It will be an afternoon of fellowship, fun, food and fundraising.  Contact the church office for more details.

If you would like a printed version of our weekend newsletter they can be found on the bulletin board by the bathrooms at church.


There are some Lutheran community organizers looking to get to know SE Portland and do some work around concerns in the community.  If you are interested in the future of our corner of Portland and want to chat with them they would love to hear about your passions and desires for Portland.  Let Andrew know if you are interested in chatting with them.


We have been invited on the second Friday of every month to join for worship with the saints at Our Lady of Sorrows Church here in Woodstock.  At 7pm on those Fridays they gather for a Taize Service.  Taize is an ecumenical community in France that has developed a method of prayer that combines music, prayer and silence.  It is a beautiful service and something that cannot be related in words but needs to be experienced.  If you are looking for a new worship opportunity you should check it out.


Holy Trinity's Little Library- Thanks to Keith our Little Library is now complete and up on the fence!  It is located on Ogden Street right off of 39th.  So if you need a book or have a few to donate swing on by.


-There are many ways to connect and engage with Holy Trinity Lutheran.  

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If you are interested in my occasional musing on my blog you can find it here http://spoileralertimnotagoodwriter.blogspot.com

Keep an eye on our webpage www.htlcpdx.com for more updates as well.



Pastor Andrew's schedule for 7/21-25

Monday- On call if needed

Tuesday- Bible Study in a.m. at Church, Pastors group at noon.

Wednesday- Around church or SE Portland, Shut Up and Eat at 6:30pm

Thursday-  sermon writing and on call if needed

Friday- Photography show prep and around church, evening art show.


Pastor Andrew