Holy Trinity E-Newsletter V2 #41 10/12/16

Welcome to Volume 2 Number 41 of this E-Newsletter.
Grace, Mercy and Peace from our Risen Savior.

Colleen and I can now chalk up a first in our book, we have driven through a hurricane.  We were at a wedding in eastern North Carolina on Saturday and made to make our way back to Raleigh for our flight out on Sunday.  The drive usually takes about an hour between Kinston and Raleigh but took us 4 with multiple routes taken, road closures and a whole lotta rain.  We made it safe and sound by we were very lucky to make our way through such a terrible storm.

We gladly made safely but there have been great damage done throughout the Caribbean and Southeast.  Lutheran World Relief has been doing a lot of work currently in Haiti which is where the storm hit the hardest.  Because of the Hurricane 15,623 people have been displaced, 500,000 children live in the areas hardest hit and there are still 350,000 people still in need of assistance.  There is still large amounts of flooding and fallout from the storm in the Southeast as well. 

At times like these we are called to stop and pray for those in harms way and for those that will be picking up the pieces and rebuilding for weeks, months and years to come.  It is also time to take action, which many be done in many ways, by getting informed about issues, making donations and rolling up our sleeves both near and far to help out those in need and act as Christ called us.  If you are looking for more info or ways to get involved, start with lwr.org.


Prayer Requests: Shirley P., Andrea, Fern, Alice, Dorothy F, Pastor Janell, Rev. Maggie, Sherry S., Jane, Don, Rheasa (Re-A-Sa) and Caleb, Patty and Berry, Wyatt, Oscar, Otto, Leah, Nichole, Sophia, Danielle, Grayson, Elijah, St. Mark's Lutheran, St. Paul Lutheran, we pray for students and teachers everywhere, help us to remain troubled by everything that is troubling in the world, we pray for the church, the world, and all those in need.




What's Going On- Join us on Wednesday October 26th at Shut Up and Eat (SE 39th and Gladstone) at 6pm for our monthly discussion group. We will be chatting each month about current events and issues currently in the news. This month we will be talking about the #Standingrock and the protest by The Standing Rock Sioux tribe of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We will be using an article from the Atlantic (http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/09/the-obama-administration-temporarily-blocks-the-dakota-access-pipeline/499454/) If you don't have the time to read the articles do not worries all are welcome at the conversation.

Trunk or Treat/Holy Trinity Supper Club Oct. 30th 4pm- Thanks to everyone who attended our first Supper Club.  Once a month we will be hosting an evening meal and worship here at Holy Trinity.  We will be gathering around 4:30 at the church for dinner and conversation together followed by a short informal worship service.  All are welcome and come hungry.  This coming month things will look a bit different.  We will be having a Trunk or Treat event here at the Church.  We will be gathering around 4 and be handing out candle from the trunks cars in the parking lot, decorations are encouraged.  We will also be having some food, warm beverages and a warm station.  If you would like to reserve a spot for your car, donate or volunteer in anyway please let the church office know  


Sign-Up Now Thrivant and Habitat have come together for some Habitat for Humanity build days this fall.  So mark your calendars for October 29th, Nov. 10th and 19th to get your hands dirty and work on some houses.  Kim Ierien is bringing a group from her work on Nov. 10th if you want to join her.  The builds are happening at their Helensview site in Cully.  Contact Pastor Andrew for more info there is a sign up sheet in the fellowship room or sign up at http://vhub.at/thriventfallbuilds.

Got a few projects you would like to see done around the church.  Now is the time to make your voice be heard.  We are working on collecting desired projects for around the church.  If you have any please jot them down and pass them along to Chris or Tom.


Our Sunday School is officially back and off to a great start!  One Sunday a month we will have an extra focus on Christian Education.  Our Church in Action Children's Program will be integrated with our Sunday Worship.  Be sure to be here on Nov. 20th for our next Sunday School.

If you would like a printed version of our weekend newsletter they can be found on the bulletin board by the bathrooms at church.


There are some Lutheran community organizers looking to get to know SE Portland and do some work around concerns in the community.  If you are interested in the future of our corner of Portland and want to chat with them they would love to hear about your passions and desires for Portland.  Let Andrew know if you are interested in chatting with them.

We have dates set for Sunday School for the rest of the year.  So mark your calendars for Nov 20 and Dec 11.  Look for a flyer coming soon to share with your family and friends!

Fall is now!  So join Pastor Andrew on Wednesday to walk around the neighborhood.  We will be meeting at 2:30 at the church and set off for a stroll around the neighborhood. 


We have been invited on the second Friday of every month to join for worship with the saints at Our Lady of Sorrows Church here in Woodstock.  At 7pm on those Fridays they gather for a Taize Service.  Taize is an ecumenical community in France that has developed a method of prayer that combines music, prayer and silence.  It is a beautiful service and something that cannot be related in words but needs to be experienced.  If you are looking for a new worship opportunity you should check it out.


Holy Trinity's Little Library- Thanks to Keith our Little Library is now complete and up on the fence!  It is located on Ogden Street right off of 39th.  So if you need a book or have a few to donate swing on by.


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Pastor Andrew's schedule for 10/17-21.

Monday- On-call if needed

Tuesday- around church or SE Portland, noon preaching group

Wednesday- around church or SE Portland

Thursday- Out- Personal

Friday- Out- Personal

Pastor Andrew