Holy Trinity E-Newsletter 7/8 V26

Grace, Mercy and Peace to you, Welcome to Volume 26 of this E-Newsletter.

We have been talking this summer about "Going Green" (no I have not come up with a better name yet). We have been looking into how we can be good stewards of this creation we have been giving, but that is not the connotation we have been referring to when we say "Going Green". This time in the church year is "Green" where we are looking at how our faith is growing, how we cultivate that relationship with God. We are looking at the way our faith grows like creation in this summer green season.

I came across a passage from Mother Teresa the other day and I thought it framed well the important work we are about in this green season. She said "Our vocation is to belong to Jesus so completely that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. What you and I must do is nothing less than putting our love for Christ into practice. The important thing is not how much we accomplish, but how much love we put into our deeds every day. That is the measure of our love for God."

Vocation is a very Lutheran word, but also one that is vital in understanding of "Going Green". Someone once told me that they way they understood vocation was where the needs of the word meets your skills and passions. Our vocation is wrapped up in who we are as children of God, our every action and movement of our lives is to reflect that love of God. We are to live our lives, so the point that we are so reflective of Christ love that we show it in our every interaction and conversation.

We are not injecting our days and lives with our own love, or love of self, or love of other. But we are showing forth that love from God. Which calls us to pray for others, forgive as we have been forgiven, display hospitality, work for justice and be advocates for those in need.

Prayer Requests: The family and friends of Ruth Barbara R, Betty J, Shirley P., Lois T., Dorothy F, Pastor Janell, Rev. Maggie, Marie and Jake, Jane, Dan, Those affected by the shooting in Charleston Siegline as she travels, St. Mark's Lutheran, St. Paul Lutheran, Pastor Fred, Danielle, Grayson and all those preparing for baptism or recently baptized, Dan, that we should remain troubled by everything that is troubling, the church, the world, and all those in need.



- Summer Book Study, this Summer we will be partaking in a summer book study of Unbinding the Gospel by Martha Grace Reese. It is a text written for congregation to focus on their prayer life, to understand the connection between prayer and action, and develop an understanding of how to apply the Gospel to their communities. We will be gathering throughout the summer to discuss the book and what it means to us here at Holy Trinity. We will be meeting on Monday's beginning on July 6th at Shut Up and Eat in the Rally Room. Books will be available through the church for purchase, donation or lending.

- You may be seeing around church large sheets of paper on the walls. These are a part of the Call process we are working on, they are asking questions to help us assess who we are and where we are going. So feel free to grab a pen or marker and write down a few of your ideas.

- There is no doubt about the fact that summer is here. This is a great time of the year to start getting more active and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. So join Pastor Andrew on Wednesday to walk around the neighborhood. We will be meeting at 2:30 at the church and set off for a stroll around the neighborhood.

- 5th Sunday ingathering of canned goods is right around the corner again. Our next ingathering will be, August 30th! This month we will be supporting Lewis Elementary School. They have requested a few things that will greatly help in kicking off their school year. We will be gathering them on the 31st but feel free to drop them off before hand if you like. Our next gathering will be canned good donations in November.

     Band aids (regular size/length, plain)


    Clear (non-purple) Elmer's Gluesticks

     Sharpies brand markers


-Thrivant Builds! Thrivant Financial partners with Habitat for Humanity on their building projects here in Portland. We will be focusing on one date (Aug, 14th) that they are looking for volunteers to help. This is a wonderful opportunity to help out the community and dust off those work boots. This will be a joint event between St. Mark's St. Paul and us here at Holy Trinity. Check out the flyers around church and sign up. Keep your eye out for more information or contact Pastor Andrew for more information. You can signup online at http://vhub.at/thriventfinancial

-St.Mark's is having their annual Rummage Sale on July 24-25th and all are welcome to attend. Donations will be accepted beginning in June.

-Check out out new calendar on our website www.htlcpdx.com http://www.htlcpdx.com/ for the most updated events around the church and community.


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Pastor Andrew's Schedule July 13-17

Monday- Evening Bible Study at Shut Up and Eat

Tuesday- Morning Pastor Text Study Group and afternoon around office.

Wednesday- Morning and afternoon around church

Thursday- On call if needed evening Council Meeting

Friday- Remote Sermon Prep

Blessings Pastor Andrew