Holy Trinity E-Newslettr 5/6 V17

Grace, Mercy and Peace to you, Welcome to Volume 17 of this E-Newsletter.

Believe it or not, we are still in the Easter Season. Many consider Easter only lasting until the last chocolate bunny has been consumed, but the Easter Season last much longer than one would imagine. The season last until Pentecost which is in a few short weeks, however before we get there another important event has to occur.

Ascension! Before the Holy Spirit on that first Pentecost, Jesus as to ascend to Heaven. We celebrate Ascension 40 days after Easter. That 40 number should ring a bell. It was on that 40th day after Jesus's Resurrection that we celebrate His Ascension to Heaven.

For Ascension this year we are going to be gathering together with St. Mark and St. Paul (more details below) for a potluck and worship. For this worship we will be looking at the accounts of Jesus's Ascension in Luke and then again in the beginning of Acts. They are similar accounts, but with a different focus. We will be spending time that night in worship, prayer and discussion around the Luke Ascension which focus's on Easter and the account in Acts with looks towards Pentecost.

If you are able to join us for worship that night it will be a fascinating evening of conversation, fellowship and worship. There are more details below in the announcement section.

Prayer Requests:

Barbara R, Betty J, Dorothy F, Pastor Janell, Leah M, Jane (Family member of the Nelson's who was in a car accident), Siegline as she travels, Danielle, Grayson and all those preparing for baptism or recently baptized, Nepal as they recover from an earthquake and the city of Baltimore, that we should remain troubled by everything that is troubling, the church, the world, and all those in need.


-May 14th is the Ascension of Our Lord. It is the day in which we remember Jesus's Ascension into heaven. We will be celebrating this High Holy Holiday with a joint Potluck and Worship Service at St. Mark's Lutheran Church (5414 SE Powell.) The Dinner will begin at 6pm and Worship at 7. Please contact Pastor Andrew if you have any questions.

-It spring time and the weather is getting nicer. This is a great time of the year to start getting more active and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. So join Pastor Andrew on Wednesday to walk around the neighborhood. We will be meeting at 2:30 at the church and set off for a stroll around the neighborhood.

-5th Sunday ingathering of canned goods is right around the corner again. Our next ingathering will be May 31st! Which is also Holy Trinity Sunday. This month we will be supporting Camp Lutherwood, which is the ELCA Summer Camp for the Oregon Synod. They have requested a few things that will greatly help their summer camp program. We will be gathering them on the 31st but feel free to drop them off before hand if you like.

Band aids (regular size/length, any color) to help stock our nurse's cabin

1 1/2 inch binders for staff manuals (any color, 3 ring, 8 1/2 x11 size paper)

Clipboards (any color, 8 1/2 x11 size paper)

Sharpies (all colors! Regular felt tip)

Regular rolls of masking tape

-If anyone is interested in checking out what Puddletown is all about we have been invited to observe one of their classrooms. This is an open invitation to the congregation to come and spend some time experiencing their program. This has to be scheduled in advance, so please do not show up. This is by appointment only! Contact their office at info@puddletownschool.com.

-Thrivant Builds! Thrivant Financial partners with Habitat for Humanity on their building projects here in Portland. There are three dates coming up( June 6th, Aug, 14th, Oct. 10th) that they are looking for volunteers to help. This is a wonderful opportunity to help out the community and dust off those work boots. Keep your eye out for more information or contact Pastor Andrew for more information.

-There is a new poll up on the chalkboards in the fellowship room to determine our next Bible Study and Service Project. So stop by and vote for whatever options sound interesting to you. You can vote for as many options as you like.

-St.Mark's is having their annual Rummage Sale on July 24-25th and all are welcome to attend. Donations will be accepted beginning in June.

-Check out out new calendar on our website www.htlcpdx.com http://www.htlcpdx.com/ for the most updated events around the church and community.

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Pastor Andrew's Schedule May 11-15

Monday- On-call if needed

Tuesday- Morning around office before Text Study group. Afternoon around the Office. Wednesday- Morning and Afternoon around the Office.

Thursday- Morning on-call if needed

Friday- Sermon catch up/ on-call if needed.

Blessings Pastor Andrew