Holy Trinity E-Newsletter 4/15 V14

Grace, Mercy and Peace to you, Welcome to Volume 14 of this E-Newsletter.

For the second Sunday in a row, we just had a giant celebration here at Holy Trinity. Two weeks ago it would that beautiful Easter morning and this past Sunday we had the beautiful baptism of two new brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. It was a glorious morning and it was such a joy to celebrate Grayson and Danielle. Thank you to everyone who was involved and let us remember Danielle and Grayson in our prayers as new members of the Body of Christ.

Today is the day that most dread, tax day, it is the day of the year that might cause the most stress throughout the rest of the year. It seems like we spend most of our time thinking about this day, how are we going to pay taxes, what exemptions can I find, will I get a refund or not. It is a day that we dread, plan for and as soon as April 16 hits we start thinking about the next April 15.

For me it is a day to think about God's mission and calling in the world as well. It is important to remember that the only thing that Jesus spoke about more than money was the Kingdom of God. So this is not a day just about the IRS but also a day to reflect on our riches and our wealth and what we are doing with it.

Matthew 6:21 has an interesting turn of a phrase. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." It is not where your heart is there your treasures will be, but rather where we put our treasures is where our heart will go. Action produces behavior. Where we put our faith, hope, trust, time, resources, energy, efforts is where our heart will grow to go. This is true more about our finances I believe than anything else.

I would imagine that most of us know the quote from Mark's Gospel "Give back to Caeser what is Caeser's and to God what is God's" (Mark 12:17) Our money is marked as the US Treasury however, our lives are marked with the sign of the Cross and we are God's. So our calling here is to give to the world what is the worlds but to give to God what is God's which is our entire lives.


Prayer Requests: Barbara R, Betty J, Dorothy F, Pastor Janell, Leah M, Jane (Family member of the Nelson's who was in a car accident), Siegline as she travels, Danielle, Grayson and all those preparing for baptism or recently baptized, Rich (submitted on Facebook), Cynthia, her husband and daughter, that we should remain troubled by everything that is troubling, the church, the world, and all those in need.


-Oregon Synod Lay School of Ministry will be meeting in April and May and we are invited to attend. This is an educational opportunity to learn alongside other congregations about communication and organizing. Contact Pastor Andrew for more info.

-5th Sunday ingathering of canned goods was two Sunday's ago and we had a great haul. Pastor Andrew has dropped off the canned goods at the food pantry at St. Marks. If you have donations still to make feel free to stop by and drop them off over at St. Marks.

-If anyone is interested in checking out what Puddletown is all about we have been invited to observe one of their classrooms. This is an open invitation to the congregation to come and spend some time experiencing their program. This has to be scheduled in advance, so please do not show up. This is by appointment only! Contact their office at info@puddletownschool.com.

-Thank you again to everyone to assisted, help out, attended, prayed or had anything to do with the baptism. It was a beautiful time and celebration.

*New *If you are hungry Saturday night there is a Spaghetti Dinner at Peace Lutheran Church in North Portland. The dinner will be from 5-7pm and the proceeds will be going to their youth that are attending Camp Lutherwood this summer.

*New *Classical up Close, a series of free concerts from the Oregon Symphony will be hosting a concert at St. Mark's Lutheran on April 29th at 7:30pm. It was a great chance to see this music up close and ask question about the pieces you will be hearing.

-There is a new poll up on the chalkboards in the fellowship room to determine our next Bible Study and Service Project. So stop by and vote for whatever options sound interesting to you. You can vote for as many options as you like.

-Check out out new calendar on our website www.htlcpdx.com http://www.htlcpdx.com/ for the most updated events around the church and community.

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Pastor Andrew's Schedule April 20-24

Monday- On-call if needed

Tuesday- Afternoon around the Office.

Wednesday- Morning and Afternoon around the Office.

Thursday- Morning on-call if needed

Friday- Synod Assembly for the weekend

Blessings Pastor Andrew