What Are We Doing?

Why Do We Do That?

Why Do We Say That?

What Is This Worship Thing?


There is a long answer and a short answer...let's start with the short and if you are looking for a longer answer we will have that up soon as well.

 Lutheran Worship is…

1. Historical- We sing hymns, profess our faith, confess our sins, gather around the table, and hear scripture along with the church in all places at all times over the course of history.

2. Liturgical- which literally means “work of the people.”  We do not come to worship to be entertained but to participate in the praise of God.  We do this by singing hymns, praying together, hearing scripture and being active participants in the worship.

3. Traditional- as the world ebbs and flows our church reflects that.  We stay connected with the faith of the past while participating in the good news of the present.

Why do we do that?

Confession- We know that God has won the battle but we still have daily battles and that we are sinners needing God’s forgiveness.  We remember that God washed away our sin in our baptism.  We remind ourselves that despite how hard we might try, there is nothing we can do to free ourselves from sin, and so we are instead totally dependent on God’s grace.

Sing Hymns- This is a part of worshiping together.  We join together in praising God.  Saint Augustine once said that “he who sings prays twice.” Singing roots in us the themes of the service and of God’s love and grace.  

Read Scripture- We hear the sacred stories of the faith.  We learn of God’s love and grace, we learn how to relate and explain how God works in the world.  We learn the language of faith together as a community through these ancient texts.

Listen to a Sermon- This is the moment in which the preacher helps to relate the Scripture to daily life.  The pastor will take these stories of faith and relate it to our current lives, community and world to help understand God how God is working in the world today.

Pray- We respond to God through the way we speak to God.  In prayer, we express our concerns for the world, the church, our lives and the future of the Gospel.

Collect an Offering- Because we were first loved by God we respond by giving our time, talents and possessions.  We share with the world what we have first been given by God.

Communion- Here we look backwards to the Crucifixion where Jesus died and was raised to defeat sin, death and the devil.  We look to the present as Christ is with us in our bread and wine and we look forward to that promised feast in heaven when Jesus comes again.  

The Dismissal- We depart to bring Christ’s joy and love to the world and prepare ourselves for lives of service.