How to Support Holy Trinity Outreach



1) COME VISIT US!  Not only for worship on Sunday morning but you are welcome to join us for any and all events on our calendar

2) Direct Donation - The Ministry of Holy Trinity is only possible due to the financial contributions of those that believe in the work that is taking place here. 100% of every donation goes towards Holy Trinity's outreach and community.

3) Engage with your Community - if you can't be here with us in person, the church is bigger than just one building, the Gospel is bigger than just one location.  So wherever you are, live out the Good News in your day to day life and be sure to tell us about it.

4) Prayer - We will keep and hold you in our prayers and would love to be apart of your prayers. Send Pastor Andrew an e-mail ( for prayers requests.

5) Spread the Word - Help us get the word out about Holy Trinity, interact with us on facebook, twitter, instagram or a good ol' fashioned letter and be sure to tell those you meet not just about us but about the Body of Christ.

Most importantly live out your faith wherever you are and know that you are a loved Child of God no matter what!